For almost two decades, EZ Mechanical Inc. has been providing quality mechanical, plumbing and construction support to facility owners and general contractors. Headquartered in San Antonio, EZ Mechanical has worked both locally and in numerous other states including Puerto Rico to support our customers.

The company was founded in 1993 and is owned by Mr. Hermie Bonet, Ms. Louella Sadler and Mr. Fred Behrenfeld. Mr. Bonet is responsible for the overall quality control and field performance of all EZ Mechanical projects. Ms. Sadler manages all of the EZ Mechanical Accounting/Payroll and Human Resources functions in the company. Mr. Behrenfeld manages the Estimating/Project Management functions of the company. All critical functions are under the direction of one of the three company owners.

This ownership team provides a stable leadership group to empower and motivate our employees and manage all facets of the company operations. Mr. Bonet visits job sites on a daily basis to ensure the quality and performance that EZ Mechanical expects and the end product that will result in the utmost satisfaction to the owner.

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